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About GATE

GATE final publication 2012
Results from the GATE research project
a 75 page overview (pfd 4.7 Mb)

GATE Magazine 2010
a 36-page overview of the GATE project (pdf 5.3 Mb

Research themes:
Theme 1: Modeling the virtual World
Theme 2: Virtual characters
Theme 3: Interacting with the world
Theme 4: Learning with simulated worlds

Pilot Education Story Box
Pilot Education Carkit
Pilot Safety Crisis management
Pilot Healthcare Scottie
Pilot Healthcare Wiihabilitainment

Knowledge Transfer Projects:
Sound Design 
Motion Controller
Mobile Learning
Glengarry Glen Ross
Enriching Geo-Specific Terrain
Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic Interactions
Semantic Building Blocks for Declarative Virtual World Creation 
Computer Animation for Social Signals and Interactive Behaviors


Center for Advanced Gaming and Simulation
Department of Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University
P.O. Box 80089
3508 TB Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel +31 30 2537088


 ICTRegie is a compact, independent organisation consisting of a Supervisory Board, an Advisory Council, a director and a bureau. The Minister of Economic Affairs, and the Minister of Education, Culture and Science bear the political responsibility for ICTRegie. The organisation is supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and SenterNovem.


Prof. Dr. Remco Veltkamp

Prof. Dr. Remco Veltkamp is the director of the GATE program. Remco Veltkamp is full professor in the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. His group performs research on geometric algorithms and related algorithms in multimedia for the analysis, modeling, and search of geographic information, image, music, 3Dscene, and video. Within GATE he also works on WP 3.2 :modeling the environment from real data, and tracking and recognition of people from multiple cameras.

ph: +31 (0)302534091
email: R.C.Veltkamp(at) 


Nico van der Aa

Nico van der Aa is a researcher in the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University. Within GATE WP 3.2 he is involved in the knowledge transfer project between Utrecht University and the company Noldus. My contribution is to work on pose and gesture recognition and to test these techniques in the Restaurant of the Future.


Gregor Abbas

Gregor Abbas works as project manager at Waag Society. Gregor is involved in the GATE Pilots Health and Education.
Email: gregor(at)


Bas van Abel

Bas van Abel works as Head of Design at Waag Society. He is running Waag Society's Sensitive atelier and Fablab.

ph: +31-20-5579898
email: bas(at)


Ben van Basten

Ben van Basten is a PhD student at Utrecht University in the field of Computer Animation. He is especially interested in the animation of  combinations of manipulation and navigation. In the past, he worked at TNO Defence, Security and Safety in the group "Modeling and Simulation" after he also did his master project (Path planning and online obstacle avoidance in weighted regions) in the same group. Ben is involved in w.p. 3.1 Animating navigation and manipulation.


Rafael Bidarra

Dr. ir. Rafael Bidarra is associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of Delft University of Technology, where he leads the Faculty's research line on game technology.He is project leader for the GATE WP 1.2, which focusses on procedural and semantic modelling techniques for the specification and generation of virtual worlds.


Betty Bonn

Betty Bonn worked with Waag Society as Senior Project Manager and was involved in the GATE Pilot Health until august 2011.


Karel van den Bosch

Dr. Karel van den Bosch,  researcher and programmanager at TNO, is involved in GATE work package 2.2.


Piet Buitendijk

Piet Buitendijk is our project manager for GATE. He has a wide experience in managing large projects in a variety of domains, with a specialization in financial issues. He will manage the GATE program on a day-to-day basis.


Atlas Cook

Atlas Cook is involved in the GATE knowledge transfer project Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic Interactions in a Driving Simulation Environment.



Mehdi Dastani

Dr. Mehdi Dastani is involved in GATE Research Project  2.2 Modeling Cognitive Behavior of Virtual Characters.


Tom Demeyer

Tom Demeyer is Head of Technology at Waag Society. He keeps a technical eye on every project involving new technologies.

ph: +31-20-5579898
email: tom(at)


Frank Dignum

Frank Dignum is associate professor of Computer Science at Utrecht University. He is currently also honorary senior research fellow at the University of Melbourne. He leads research in adaptive interactive systems. He supervises two PhD students within the GATE project. Both projects concern the use of agent technology for games, with the aim of making the games more flexible and adaptive to the user. He is technical coordinator of 2 EU projects. He has obtained numerous national and international grants leading to around 30 researchers working (or having worked) on his grants. He is the initiator and organizer of the international workshop on Agents for Games and Simulations.  Besides this workshop he has organized other agent related workshops and was local organizer of the main agent conference (AAMAS) in 2005. He is in the (senior) program committee of many workshops and conferences. He is keynote and invited speaker in conferences all over the world.  He has written over 200 papers in international journals and conferences and has an H-index of  38. He has co-supervised 9 PhD theses and was in many (international) defense committees.

email: F.P.M.Dignum(at)


Dick van Dijk

Dick van Dijk is concept developer at Waag Society and responsible for Waag Society’s Shared Narratives research programme.

ph: +31-20-5579898
email: dick(at)


Teun Dubbelman

Teun Dubbelman, PhD student in WP 4.2 Design rules for learning through simulated worlds 



Arjan Egges

Arjan Egges is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at the Faculty of Science, Utrecht University. Arjan is involved in GATE workpackage 3.1. His research focuses on developing a computational model that describes human navigation and object manipulation actions. Furthermore, he is interested in all aspects related to virtual characters, such as facial and body animation techniques, emotion and personality simulation, and gesture synthesis.

email: j.egges(at)


Jan van Erp

Jan van Erp is chief Scientist of the Department Human Interfaces of TNO Human Factors. Jan is interested in all innovative ways in which humans and systems can interact and cooperate. The department Human Interfaces' mission is to develop knowledge and skills in the areas of man-machine and person-to-person technologies, and to combine these in theoretically as well as empirically based solutions for its customers. Jan is project leader of GATE project 3.3: Brain Connection Devices in which he works together with Prof. Peter Werkhoven and PhD student Marieke Thurlings.


Roland Geraerts

Roland Geraerts works as an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is interested in game technology. His main research topics include path planning and crowd simulation which are embedded in the GATE work package 2.3, Natural Paths for Virtual Entities. He organizes the Creative Game Challenge, which is a game creation contest for high school students; see Roland can be reached at R.J.Geraerts(at)


Rene Glas

Rene Glas is involved in the knowledge transfer project Mobile Learning.


Maaike Harbers

Maaike Harbers is PhD student in GATE WP 2.2 Modeling Cognitive Behavior of Virtual Characters.

email: maaike(at)


Emile Hendriks

Emile Hendriks is an associate professor in the Information and Communication Theory Group of the Faculty EEMCS in Delft, where he is leading the image processing activities. His interest is in computer vision, low-level image processing, image segmentation, medical image analysis, stereoscopic and 3D imaging, motion and disparity estimation, structure from motion / disparity / silhouette, pose and gesture detection and recognition and real time algorithms for computer vision applications. In the GATE project he is involved in WP3.2 Detecting, interpreting and affecting user behavior.


Dirk Heylen

Dirk Heylen, Associate Professor - Socially Intelligent Computing, Human media interaction, Department of Computing Science,  University of Twente, is involved in GATE WP 2.2. Modeling Cognitive behavior of virtual characters.


Joske Houtkamp

Joske Houtkamp is researcher and assistant professor at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. Her research focus is on affective qualities of virtual environments used for visualisation and serious gaming. In the GATE project Joske Houtkamp is involved in wp 1.3 Affective appraisal of virtual environments.

Email: J.M.Houtkamp(at)


Micah Hrehovcsik

Micah Hrehovcsik, Game Design Reseacher, is part of the research group 'Applied Game Design & Research' at the Utrecht School of the Arts. In GATE he works on GATE pilots Education, Health and Safety.

ph: +31 35 6836464
email: micah.hrehovcsik(at)


Wolfgang Huerst

Wolfgang Huerst is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at the Faculty of Science, Utrecht University. His research interests include multimedia systems and technologies, human-computer interaction, mobile computing, and information retrieval. Within GATE he is involved in WP 3.2 "Detecting, interpreting and affecting user behavior."

Email: w.o.huerst(at)


Feifei Huo

Feifei Huo, Delft University, is PhD student  in GATE WP 3.2  Detecting, interpreting and affecting user behavior.


Rita Jansen

Rita Jansen is our office manager.

ph: +31-302537088


Sander Jansen

Sander Jansen works as a PhD student in WP 2.1 Modeling Motor Behavior.

Email: S.E.M.Jansen(at)


Ioannis Karamouzas

Ioannis Karamouzas, Utrecht University, is PhD student  in GATE WP 2.3 Natural paths for virtual entities.

email: I.Karamouza(at)


Hans Korteling

Hans Korteling is involved in WP 4.4 Transfer of Gaming.


Frank Kresin

Frank Kresin is Program Manager at Waag Society for Healthcare, Society and Culture.

ph: +31-20-5579898
email: frank(at)


Frido Kuijper

Frido Kuijper, senior scientist Modeling and Simulation, TNO Defence, Safety and Security, is involved in WP 1.1 Automatic world generation based on real data.


Sybille Lammes

Sybile Lammes is involved in the knowledge transfer project Mobile Learning.


Michiel de Lange

Dr. Michiel de Lange is involved in the knowledge transfer project Mobile Learning at Utrecht University.


Thijs van Lankveld

Thijs van Lankveld is PhD student in GATE WP 1.1 Automatic world generation based on real data.

email: T.vanLankveld(at)


Astrid Lubsen

Astrid Lubsen works as designer and usability researcher at Waag Society.

ph: +31-20-5579898
email: astrid(at)


Xinghan Luo

Xinghan Luo is PhD student in w.p. 3.2 Detecting, interpreting and affecting user behavior.

Email: X.Luo(at)


Jeroen van Mastrigt

Jeroen van Mastrigt, professor at Utrecht Shool of the Arts, researchgroup on 'Applied Game Design' and involved in GATE until October 2011. The researchgroup integrates creative design and research, and works on several innovative game applications. Within GATE HKU designs and develops pilots for Education, Health and Safety.


John-Jules Meijer

Prof.dr. John-Jules Ch. Meyer obtained his Ph.D. from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in 1985. Since 1993 he has been a professor of computer science at Utrecht University. At the moment he is heading the Intelligent Systems Group. He is a member of the IFAAMAS board steering the international AAMAS conferences, and of the editorial boards of the Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, Data and Knowledge Engineering and the Journal of Intelligent Agents & Multi-Agent Systems. His current research interests include artificial intelligence, and intelligent agents in particular. In 2005 he was appointed as a Fellow of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence. John-Jules Meyer is involved in GATE w.p. 2.2.

Email: J.J.C.Meyer(at)


Anton Nijholt Anton Nijholt coordinates the research of the Human Media Interaction (HMI) group of the University of Twente. His main interests are multimodal interaction, virtual environments, ambient intelligence, brain-computer interfacing, and entertainment computing. Anton Nijholt is involved in GATE workpackage 2.


Christof van Nimwegen

Christof van Nimwegen is a post-doc researcher at Utrecht University. His background is Cognitive Ergonomics and he worked as a usability engineer in the Netherlands and abroad before his Ph.D. project at Utrecht University (2003-2008). Until 2010 he worked as a Senior Researcher at the Centre for User Experience Research, KULeuven, Belgium. His interests are HCI in general, and interface representations in particular. He is involved in WP 4.3. Cognition-based learning principles.


Joost van Oijen

Joost van Oijen is a Phd student working at Utrecht University and VSTEP. In GATE he is involved in the Knowledge Transfer Project CIGA: Creating Intelligent Games with Agents.

email: J.vanOijen(at)


Herre van Oostendorp

Herre van Oostendorp is involved in WP 4.3 Cognition-based learning principles in serious games.

Email: h.vanoostendorp(at)


Prof. Dr. Mark Overmars

Prof. Dr. Mark Overmars is full professor in the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. His research group has a relatively long tradition in game-research, and he is widely acknowledged as an expert in the domain of games. He also developed a program Game Maker, widely used to develop games.
Scientific Director of the GATE program from the start in 2007 until January 2011.

email: M.H.Overmars(at)


Joost Raessens

Prof. dr. Joost Raessens is Professor of Media Theory as well as director of the New Media and Digital Culture program, both at Utrecht University. Prof. dr. Raessens is co-supervisor of the Playful Identities (NWO) and the Design Rules for Learning Through Simulated Worlds (GATE) research programs. For more information, see:



Valentina Rao

Valentina Rao is a PhD candidate on the topic of persuasion in serious games in WP 4.2 Design rules for learning through simulated worlds. She is also interested in social media and augmented reality.


Ruben Smelik

Ruben Smelik is PhD student in wp 1.2 Automatic creation of imaginary worlds.


Michal Sindlar

Michal Sindlar works as research assistant (AIO) in the work package Modeling Cognitive Behavior of Virtual Characters. In his work he deals with ways to explain the behavior of cognitive agents in intentional (mental state) terms, under the assumption that virtual characters, and also the human player, can be modeled as cognitive BDI-based agents.

email: michal(at)


Ralf Sluimer

Ralf Sluimer is involved in w.p. 4.4


Erik van der Spek

Erik van der Spek is PhD student  in GATE WP 4.3 Cognition-based learning principles.

email: E.D.vanderSpek(at)


Bart van Straalen

Bart van Straalen, University of Twente, is PhD student  in GATE WP 2.2 Modeling cognitive behavior of virtual characters.


Robby Tan

Robby T. Tan is an assistant professor in Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. His research is mainly in computer vision, particularly in physics-based approaches. Besides, he has strong interests in computer graphics and machine learning. Robby Tan is involved in WP 3.2 Detecting, interpreting and affecting user behavior.

Email: R.T.Tan(at)


Marieke Thurlings

Marieke Thurlings, TNO, is PhD student  in GATE WP 3.3 Brain connection devices.

Email: M.E.Thurlings(at)


Lex Toet

Lex Toet is a senior researcher with the Human Interface group at TNO Defense, Security and Safety,  Soesterberg. In GATE he works on WP 1.3 Affective Appraisal of Virtual Environments, and he is involved in WP 2.1  Virtual characters - Modeling motor behavior.

email: lex.toet(at)


Mariet Theune

Mariet Theune works at the University of Twente in the Human Media Interaction group, and is involved in GATE WP 2.2


Tim Tutenel

TimTutenel, Delft University, is PhD student  in GATE WP 1.2  Automatic creation of imaginary worlds.


Josine van de Ven

Josine van de Ven is involved in the GATE pilot Safety.


Willempje Vrins

Willempje Vrins worked at the Utrecht School of the Arts as program coordinator 'Applied Game Design & Research', and was involved in the  GATE pilots Education, Health and Safety.


Herwin van Welbergen

Herwin van Welbergen, University of Twente, is PhD student  in GATE WP  2.1 Virtual characters Modeling motor behavior.


Joost Westra

Joost Westra is PhD student in WP 4.1 Adapting the game to the world.


Sabine Wildevuur

Sabine Wildevuur works as Head of Program for healthcare projects at Waag Society.

ph: +31-20-5579898
email: sabine(at)


Bas Withagen

Bas Withagen works as hardware developer with Waag Society.

ph: +31-20-5579898
email: bas(at)


Pieter Wouters

Pieter Wouters is involved as postdoc researcher in GATE WP 4.3 Cognition-based learning principles. His research focuses on cognitive and motivational processes in serious games and Game Discourse Analysis.

Email: P.J.M.Wouters(at)


Job Zwiers

Dr. J. Zwiers, University of Twente, EWI, is involved in GATE work package 2.1 Modeling Motor Behavior.
Email: j.zwiers(at)