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About GATE

GATE final publication 2012
Results from the GATE research project
a 75 page overview (pfd 4.7 Mb)

GATE Magazine 2010
a 36-page overview of the GATE project (pdf 5.3 Mb

Research themes:
Theme 1: Modeling the virtual World
Theme 2: Virtual characters
Theme 3: Interacting with the world
Theme 4: Learning with simulated worlds

Pilot Education Story Box
Pilot Education Carkit
Pilot Safety Crisis management
Pilot Healthcare Scottie
Pilot Healthcare Wiihabilitainment

Knowledge Transfer Projects:
Sound Design 
Motion Controller
Mobile Learning
Glengarry Glen Ross
Enriching Geo-Specific Terrain
Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic Interactions
Semantic Building Blocks for Declarative Virtual World Creation 
Computer Animation for Social Signals and Interactive Behaviors


Center for Advanced Gaming and Simulation
Department of Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University
P.O. Box 80089
3508 TB Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel +31 30 2537088


 ICTRegie is a compact, independent organisation consisting of a Supervisory Board, an Advisory Council, a director and a bureau. The Minister of Economic Affairs, and the Minister of Education, Culture and Science bear the political responsibility for ICTRegie. The organisation is supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and SenterNovem.

Symposium Challenges for Serious Gaming Research

Symposium 'Challenges for Serious Gaming Research'

On Thursday February 16, 2012, the GATE project organized its final symposium.

‘Challenges for Serious Gaming Research' was the final symposium organized by the GATE project. In this symposium we showed results from pilots, research, and innovation, and looked ahead at future developments. How will game technology help address the grand challenges for our society? What is needed for creating engaging virtual worlds, populated by meaningful virtual characters, which initiate natural interaction, and result in effective transfer of gaming? The program consisted of a mix of presentations, and demo's. Anyone could play with the results of our innovative game pilots in education, health, and safety. The participants were enthusiastic, and there was a lot of playful interaction.

Program and presentations

 Chair   Matthijs Dierckx (publisher Control Magazine)

10.00 Registration and coffee


Remco Veltkamp (director GATE)


Let's improve the world! (pdf 2mb)
Rafael Bidarra  (Delft University of Technology)
Enhancing geospecific data with procedural detail (pdf 1 mb) (watch on youtube)
Matthijs Schaap (Deltares)

When virtual humans become real (pdf 4mb)
Dirk Heylen (Twente University)
Using artificial intelligence to design flexible and natural dialogues (pdf 1mb)
Ivo Swartjes (RANJ)

Natural Interaction (pdf 1mb)
Arjan Egges (Utrecht University)
EEG Indicators of Stress (pdf 1.7 mb)
Tobias Heffelaar (Noldus Information Technology BV)


Lunch, poster- and demo market

During this market you can watch demonstrations of the technology developed
and play with some created games. Also you can get additional information at the posters.


Learning from Serious Games? (pdf 1.2mb)
Frank Dignum  (Utrecht University)
Citizen Science for smartphones (pdf 3.3 mb)
Ronald Lenz (7scenes)

Serious Game Design for Playful Learning (pdf 4.5 mb)
Keimpe de Heer (Waag Society)

Playful Cure and Care (pdf 3 mb)
Willem-Jan Renger (Utrecht School of the Arts)

Dilemma trainer for mayors, developing this gaming was only the beginning of the challenge (pdf 1.4 mb)
Josine van de Ven (TNO)


The next 5 minutes: trends in gameful innovation
Jeroen van Mastrigt-Ide (We Love Your Work, Dutch Game Garden)




End of the symposium

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